Scotts Fireplace staff is experienced in helping you select the suitable fireplace for your needs. Why not let us help you complete the entire wall. We provide the full scope of the work from installing your new fireplace to framing the fireplace wall and boarding it up.

WAIT, we don’t stop there! We also will complete your wall by adding one of our stone features from our collection. why not add a Faux concrete mantel or for a more contemporary look add a steel mantel.

Call us now and let your vision come to life with SCOTTS FIREPLACE.

Bring a Corner Space to LifE

We installed the beautiful BENTLEY 39 model by the Marquis Collection. We then prepped the wall for veneer stone Alpine Profit PLATNIUM finish and added our one of our exclusive faux wood concrete mantel to complete the look. GORGEOUS!

Why not add a Fireplace in your kitchen!

 Yes a kitchen gets hot when cooking! So….Why not add an ELECTRIC FIREPLACE for ambiance when cooking and switch the heat on when your not!!! Here is an example of adding a fireplace in your kitchen. This will have your guests saying WOW!!!


Old Wall Unit went to WOW FEATURE WALL!!

This wall features a 3 Sided Electric Fireplace, YES a 3 SIDED ELECTRIC FIREPLACE. We framed the feature wall and completed the T.V. wall and Base in a Drywall finish and added our exclusive LavaRock stone walls on either side. Come on what are you waiting for!!! Let us bring your fireplace wall to life!

Out with the Old and in with the NEW

Here we have an old fireplace model with brass Louvres surrounded in a heavy marble wall and mantel. See how we took it from HEAVY to SLIM and Clean. We replaced the fireplace with our popular BENTLEY 39 model by MARQUIS. The wall was then framed and boarded up to the ceiling to bring more height into the room and we wrapped the fireplace wall and original marble hearth with our exclusive LAVAROCK stone product!


A customer came to us and really wanted to add a fire feature between her windows that has a beautiful view of the lake. A T.V was also to be added above so we had to ensure the proper size of fireplace and heat output that would be required. We are not all visual people and we always give advise to our customers to make cut outs or MAP IT OUT on your wall and the customer sure did. Green tape is not always used for painting. It helps envision your space. Here is how it all came to life.


A beautiful addition to a blank wall. The fireplace wall was built out a bit more to accommodate the new electric fireplace. An added return wall that flows into the T.V. feature wall. We finished the wall in our exclusive LavaRock panels to complete this new look.


An Unnoticed corner brings notability

Where there ones was a corner that was blank has now been replaced with a Linear fireplace wrapped with this beautiful Wolf Creek Southern Ledgestone to bring character to this space with a beautiful view.

Transformation Complete

This customer was looking for a face lift to her fireplace. We removed the mantel and fireplace and left the raised detailed hearth in place. We installed a new fireplace framed and boarded up the wall from the hearth to the ceiling to give the corner space more height with a more uniformed look. We then installed the Blue stone Veneer panels on the wall and the front skirt of the hearth. The customer sourced out their mantel and the top hearth slab. Nice transformation.


Took this Old Wood burning Fireplace and transformed this into a modern Fireplace Feature. Installed a 3 sided Gas Fireplace frame and boarded up for customer to paint.